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About Cristian…

About Cristian:

Cristian is an engineer born in Chile. He arrived in Australia in 2007 with a four month student visa, no English and no contacts. Before coming to Australia, Cristian completed a double bachelor degree in Business Management and Computer Science and developed a career at PwC as a business consultant and information security specialist.

In Australia, he worked cleaning toilets and delivering milk for 6 months until he could learn the language, after which time he found a freelance job as a junior video editor at UnseenTV (online TV channel in Sydney) where over 3 years he mastered the skills of editing, filming, production and directing, becoming head of production for the company in 2010.

In 2012 Cristian founded CreativeCreations.tv, a high-end corporate video production agency based in Sydney. Since then he has produced and directed over 500 high-end video productions across Australia, Asia, South America and Europe, for online and TV broadcast and across a wide variety of industries.

Cristian has combined his engineering background, business experience and talent for videography to develop a ground-breaking framework to strategically implement video in any organisation, offering corporates a unique approach to video productions that ensures their videos not only look great, but align to their business goals and strategy.