How to Use Video for Fundraising and Sponsorships -

How to Use Video for Fundraising and Sponsorships

How to use video for fundraising

Video is one of the most effective tools to increase the results of your fundraising activities and sponsorship.

Different videos can be produced at each stage of the fundraising cycle to increase awareness, engagement and trust not only in the community and with clients but also with sponsors and partners.

 Some of the specific benefits of using video are:

  • Promoting the next fundraising campaign and increasing support from the community
  • Creating awareness of your cause or service
  • Demonstrating what funds have been used for
  • Showcase the impact that funds have
  • Prove the value of being a contributor, sponsor or partner

All the videos produced during the fundraising cycle can be used to engage bigger and better sponsors for future events. The opportunity for sponsors is to be seen as a key supporter in the success stories captured in videos.

Sponsors can donate to the fundraising and also finance future video productions, branding the content and using it to run their own campaigns for Internal Communications, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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