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Full Workshop Content

Full Workshop Content:

This workshop is divided in 4 parts. 80% of the content is strategy and 20% of the content is focused on how to produce video content.


Part 1: Introduction to Video

  • Learn how video works and why it’s the most effective tool to promote your business
  • Demystify video as a tool and learn why quality is vital to an effective video
  • Redefine the buying process and learn why it’s an emotional process 100% of the time
  • Learn the three components of video and their importance: Message, Look & Feel and Quality
  • Identify your ideal client’s needs, values and standards and discover their importance when producing video
  • Understand the psychology of video and how it communicates on Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic levels
  • Discover the difference between animation videos and videos with real people
  • Learn why animations videos are not and effective selling tool
  • Learn other applications of video and how it can support your entire organisation – not just marketing and sales
  • Learn how to brief a videographer and what to consider when evaluating the quality and effectiveness of a video


Part 2: Video Framework for Marketing 

  • Learn a unique framework to use video strategically in your marketing and sales
  • Understand how video can help you:
    • Increase Brand Awareness
    • Increase Conversion Rate
    • Increase Lead Generation
  • Understand the client’s journey and the steps required to buy from you
  • Learn about the different types of video productions and their specific use:
    • Profile Videos
    • Case Studies (Client Testimonials)
    • Educational Videos (How to Videos)
  • Receive a step by step guide to ensure these videos are produced effectively and achieve their purpose according to your business needs
  • Learn how to prepare your scripts and what to consider when creating your videos


Part 3: Lead Generation Using Video on Social Media

  • Learn the basics of an effective Social Media Strategy
  • Learn how educational videos can position you as the expert in your industry
  • Design and plan a 12-month video content strategy for social media
  • Identify 52 videos to produce for the next 12 months to increase lead generation
  • Learn how to write your scripts for educational content
  • Receive a guide on effective scriptwriting for educational content
  • Write your first script from start to finish


Part 4: Techniques and Tips to Film Educational Videos

  • Learn what’s required to film your videos
  • Learn about the available equipment, the different options and the costs
    • Cameras
    • Tripods
    • Lights
    • Microphones
    • Teleprompter
    • Editing Software
  • Learn how to put together a filming kit for under $500
  • Learn how to achieve the best quality when filming videos
  • Learn how to get the best sound with affordable equipment
  • Understand how light works and how to get the most out of it
  • Learn the basics of presenting in front of the camera, body language, preparation, dressing and make up
  • Learn about the different editing software available


You will receive a book written by Cristian that contains all the content described above. You can use this book to produce your own videos, to brief your marketing team and implement this strategy or to engage the right videographer to do all of this for you.


Note about the Workshop Content:

The workshop is “Video Strategy for Business Owners, Leaders and Marketers”. While we will share techniques and tips you can use to film your own videos, the main focus of the workshop is the strategy behind producing your own videos. We will give you some guidelines to start filming your own videos and create your own studio production, but additional research and practise will be needed for you to become proficient. Tasks like video editing, advanced equipment use and YouTube or other social media channels will not be covered.